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Electric 2009 Ninja 250

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I've been looking into alternatives to gas, so I've been looking into electric motorcycles. I've looked at Zero Motorcycles and Brammo. They have some neat bikes but they have a flaw. They still run from a motor and not a hub motor. The hub motor would be WAY quieter than a rattling chain. I've stumbled across a company that makes 20kW hub motors for motorcycles. The hub motor would also be more efficient than to run the power through the chain. EnerTrac

I about jumped to the moon when I seen a green 2009 Ninja 250.

I don't see myself doing a conversion anytime soon, but it would be a neat project.

For the $ it doesn't make much sense. For a brand new electric motorcycle it's going to cost about $11,000. In a investment I can return 11% easy that can return me 1,200 bucks a year. That's enough gas money. The electrical engineer in me will get out one of these days. :)
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mmm, delish! I'm waiting for somebody to build a 2WD, hub-motored moto... :)
How bout a shaft driven design? I think that could be quiet enough vs chain.
I found this company named "Golden Motor." They make hub motors for bikes. There's a guy in Canada that put 2 on his bike to have a 2wd bicycle. There is so much torque that his front wheel skids to get traction.

Golden Motor just came out with there Magic Pie III that has the motor controller in the hub of the wheel so all you have to hook up is the controls and the battery pack. Battery prices have come down tremendously throughout the years.

Magic Pie 3 Dual Drive Torque Test - YouTube

He pulls 2,200 watts on take off. Electric bikes are street legal as long as they are under 1,000 watts, but hey... Who's gonna know?

Building a bike is going to be my graduation present. Three more months to go! :)

Check this out for some of the bikes people have put together. There's a dual drive in there somewhere. http://goldenmotor.com/e-Bike-DIY/mpgallery/index.html
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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