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Ed March – Around The World On A 30-Year-Old Honda C90

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When we read about people riding motorcycles around the world, the vision that often comes to mind is of big adventure touring bikes, packed to the gunnels with necessary supplies. This image has been fed to us by Long Way Round and other well-heeled and well-documented travels.

What if we were to tell you that there is a guy who is traveling around the world on a 30-year-old Honda C90 and having a blast doing it? Sounds like madness, right? Well, when Ed March told his friends that he’d been inspired by the UK’s Top Gear trio touring through Vietnam special and wanted to fly his C90 there and ride it back, they didn’t just say he was crazy; they said, 'That is stupid. You can’t ride a Honda C90 around the world.'

Don’t ever tell March that something he wants to do is stupid because then the gauntlet has been thrown down, and he has no choice. He’s going to do that stupid thing – which is exactly what he’s spent the last few years doing. For his first trip, March shipped his bike to Malaysia and rode it 14,500 miles back to England over eight months. For his next adventure, he upped the ante, riding through the Arctic Circle in winter, up to the northern motor point in Norway in February – about 4, 000 miles 'give-or-take,' he says.
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