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Okay so over Easter i managed to sneek away for a overnighter with some mates from the Dung Beetle Biker Forum

The campsite

A Chineese Cruiser


Beer Fridge

The group headed to Welborough Pub for lunch via Scottsdale, Derby.

I took The V Strom

Found some dirt bikers :dance:

Food stop on the way back home.

THE END :dance:

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If I ever win the lottery I'm taking New Ninja to Tassie for a huge trip around the island, tag Zan's house with spray paint and anything else we want to do lol.

I really want to visit that place. It's just so awesome!

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Thank God the odds are way against that!!! :p

Felix, the Dungies are outcasts, but not in the way like the Outlaws! These are guys who are either thrown out or leave the Ulysses club! For the Ulysses, you have to be 50yo to be a full member, and 40yo to become an apprentice or Junior member.

I am a member of Dungies, but I think I am the youngest there. I call in to the site every now and then, but the talk is always about Pensions, incontinence and walking sticks!!!!
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