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dynojet kit 2193

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Has anyone installed this kit themselves. If so which jets did you use there are 4 to choose from. Was it hard? Is it a job that might be better for a mechanic? Do the carbs need to be tuned after the job?
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On the forum that shall remain namless *cough*kawaforums*cough* there is a jetting list, with everyones jetting/exhausts setups.

As for doing it yourself, there is also a DIY on there, have a read, get a workshop manual and worse comes to worse, trailer it to the shop if you fail! :D Carbi vehicles are great to play with, unlike those horrible FI things :p

I was scared of shimming, and the first time I did it, took me ages, second time I was done in 1/4 of the time with no help :D


Felix said:
:D Carbi vehicles are great to play with, unlike those horrible FI things :p
Felix you.............
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he installed that kit himelf, and has instructions to do it with pictures. i had a mechanic install the 2193 kit on my bike, cost me $160.
eric said:
Felix you.............
Well I cant really talk now :p


ya fsho check my work loc ncsteve83 mentioned. pm me if u have any questions :)
I put my airbox back on and i checked the main jets. I noticed that two of the screws rattled out. Good thing i bought extra at the hardware store. But if you ever feel up to it check and make sure you still have all of your screws in.
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