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Drag Racing

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Well Its time, I'm feeling more confident on the bike and I feel I'm slowly becoming one with it. I'm keen on doing some track days next year, after my advanced roadcraft course, but I'm also playing with the idea of hitting the drag strip. I've spent plenty of time on the strip in a car, so I'm no newbie, just new to two wheels out there.

I know the bike isnt going to break any records but its all about breaking your own records.

So anyone got any advice?

Anyone been down the strip before?


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Delta107 said:
Advice. Wear GEAR!!!!!
Haha, yep will do. They make you wear gear just for cars... They even check it all to see its good and in date.


warm up your tires! and get a cam to record the fun!
When I race land speed .I need to get up to speed as fast as possible so I have more time to adjust my tuck.
I launch at 9500 RPM and clutch shift 1-2 at 12500 rpm. Then I hold slight pressure on the sifter . when the rev limiter hits at 13500 rpm it shifts. I try to go into forth at the 1/4 mile .
That is where you are done. I run a 15/42 gear so you might want to try a 15/45 or even 15/48 .lower your rear tire pressure to 15 psi as a start but that will depend on track conditions. I run tall gearing since I am racing a mile to the finish line .So I have no problem with the front end coming up.
Just slip some clutch till you see where you are.
The first time will involve a bit of trial and error between tire pressure and gearing . forget 6th gear. you wont need overdrive.
Be safe have fun and go fast.
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The only thing I'm not sure on is the launch really, think I'm gonna need to do a few trials first, the ute was a pain to launch, as soon as boost kicked in she just smoked them, took some working to get it to go down straight, then other times it would bog off the line.

R6S_2NR I'm gonna get my dad to come out and take pics, so least there will be some 'Ninja 250r Drag strip pics'


At the tree . Don'T wait for the green light to come on . Launch when the last yellow light goes out. You can practice this at red lights. Just fixate on the light . As soon as the light goes out dump it. It will cut .50 off your reaction time.
Also don't use the rev limiter as an ignition kill . It is too difficult to get right . Just shift at 13000. The engine makes max power at 11500 so that is where the tack will fall to .
Change your oil afterward.
Don't think you need to do a burnout your 1st time out, just avoid the burnout/water box (go around it) and get on the sticky groove. Low fuel makes the bike more wheelie prone but adds weight and can slow you down, depends on how you like it. I launch about 10-11,000 rpms on the tank, literally get down so your chest/sternum is pressed against your tank and taking most of your weight (forward), your toes far and out just barely getting any of your weight. Wrist forward so going WOT is easy. I clutch 1st to 2nd because on my bike its dodgy sometimes, the rest is clutchless. Looser chain is better and pick up a cheap 20 strap. I also picked up lowering links pretty cheap, makes a difference for sure.

Good luck, post some vids.

I forgot about the strap. Definitely strap down the front end.
The reason I use the clutch between 1-2 is it will tend to jump out of gear if I am not careful.
I want to go drag racing also. I think I can run 15s what times do you get Shiphteey?
Actually haven't made a pass at the strip yet with it. I've run my 600s, 1100 and now 1200. But I've practiced launching the 250 tons of times against guys here with bigger bikes. If I don't ride the living piss outta this bike I just may get left behind. I clutch 1st to 2nd for the same reason. MIR is closed now but when they open back up we should go and give everyone a good laugh! I should bring the 12 too...the ol' bait and switch for anyone getting too loose tongued ;-)

Strapping the front not only lowers the bike but makes the FRONT END a FIXED BALLAST instead of unloading the suspension as you take off. Make a little difference, but the 250 needs a lotta revs and an attentive rider to quickly shift 2nd because slipping from such a high RPM will have you at redline quicker than you'd normally think given the bike's overall lack of thrust. Its always fun!

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You really do have to ride the living piss out of these bike to make them go . I love it.and the bike can take it.
shiphteey said:
I should bring the 12 too...the ol' bait and switch for anyone getting too loose tongued ;-)
Haha, nice.
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