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N this thread got off base a bit.....
What's ur chains name?
Mines called ..... spin n puke....
My chains name oompa loompa as it was a bit short thank to the assholes at the powersports store who ignored me when I said zx6e 3 different times and wanted more top end the tool ordered the sprockets and chain for a straight zx6 for more low end and tried telling me I had to drive a half hour home pull the sprockets and drive a half hour back to drop them off then a half hour back home empty handed and waste all that gas since I took the chain with me when I went in there then they told me I could pay for the sprockets then when thw right ones came in thwyd refund the money so I got real friendly real fast and started cussing the manager of the parts dept out about ybshould i have to keep wasting my gas in shitty weather and slick roads or pay for their **** up when they ordered the wrong parts so he told the guy just order the sprockets as inventory then when they come in just bring in the wrong sprockets and exchange em and theyll have the right chain in too...then he had the balls to tell me I didnt need to cuss at him I said I shouldnt have had to make this trip in the first place if you guys ordered the right shit in the first place he appologized and walked away coz he knew I was right then the guy that ordered the wrong parts said sorry like 10 times and gave me my clip link for free for my inconvenience and my parts are more expensive but they are giving them to me at the price of the wrong cheaper parts so I laughed at the sales rep and said see aparently I did need to cuss and yell for him to get it taken care of properly we laughed shook hands and now im waiting for the call that my parts are in lol
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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