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Don't know where else to put this...

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Took a ride today and could definitely feel the chain was slacking(?). Just hit 500 miles on the bike, so I figured its time to just tighten the chain up. Pulled out the new stand I bought, find a level spot (happened to be on a sidewalk outside my apt), lifted the bike up, walked to my car to get my tools out, look back at the bike to see the stand start to fold in like a lawn chair.

Down goes the bike, cracked the left turn signal, gouged the fairings around the signal, scraped up the graphics real good, and because of how the bike fell, the stand got stuck underneath and scraped up the DanMoto exhaust as well.

I was too PO'd to get any pics at that moment, hopefully the thunderstorms hold off enough tomorrow to get some shots of the damage. I was able to at least get the turn signal somewhat back in place. The lens is fine, but the housing is screwed up, where the lens clips in is cracked so it doesn't seal the light anymore. What upsets me the most of the gouges in the fairings and the SE graphics being screwed up...

I wouldn't be so mad about it had I not just gotten the bike OR it had been something that I had done, but to have a faulty POS stand just fold underneath the bike like that...(deep breath):mad:

I did eventually get the chain all fixed up, cut up my rear fender some (until I get the hardware for my fender elim), and just sat and stared at my once beautiful bike. I might have shed a tear or two as well. I then came in and sent a well thought out, yet very angry email to the company I got the stand from. Im hoping for some sort of compensation.
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Damn insaniti, that is unbelievable! I'm glad you got straight onto the manufacturer, that is the best thing you could do. Just on a side note, do you have any insurance that can cover the damage? Not that you may need it, but your insurance company may require a copy of the letter you sent to the manufacturer so they have something work on.

Good luck with it, and let us know how you get on.
Dang man! Sorry to hear this. Can you tell us what stand you have so that it will lessin the amount of people buying it and screwing their bikes up?

Hope things work out for you and the bike.
Got some pics of the damage today. Zandit, I have insurance, but its a $500 deductible, so any damage less than $500 isn't worth reporting. The fairings aren't cracked so they wouldn't replace them. And turn signals are $40 (if you can find a place that has them in stock). After market are cheaper, but most are really ugly, and I don't want to spend $100 on the proton flush mount.

As for the Stand, its made by Prolite, sold by Motobatteries.com.

on to the pics


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looking at the pics it doesn't seem like the damage is all that bad, and it really isn't. Whats really driving the rage is how I got them, and that Im kind of OCD so they will drive me NUTS!!!
Any photos of the stand? might be good for people to see the style of stand to avoid!
seeing as I went all "HULK SMASH" afterwards, I can only produce a stock photo...

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Hmmm, looking at the anchor point arms, they look extremely thin, is that the point they folded at?
They folded right where the bolt is next to the wheels. Its not a very good assembly point, once that shifted just the slightest bit, the left side folded in towards the bike so it kind of launched the bike a little bit.

Had the bike just fallen, it wouldn't have done so much damage, but because it pushed the rear wheel up first, and forced the front of the bike down first, it slammed it awkwardly.

I've ordered some universal turn signals, I plan on using them on the rear with the fender eliminator, and using one of the rear signals up front to replace the cracked one. I'm still working out how to cover the scratches. The graphics I pretty much just have to deal with or remove both sides.
I finally got a response, they said "let me forward the pics to my boss and see what he says". Not looking good for any type of reimbursement. With that said, I have a new stand on the way. Its a DMP S-Spec III Race Rear Stand, all one piece!

also just got my new tank bag, MotoCentric Mototrek 19. VERY nice bag.
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Now that looks like a nice stand! Where did you get it?
kneedraggers.com, it was my bday gift from my parents.
very nice indeed!
it better be lol, Im still pretty sour on the first stand situation... STILL waiting to hear from the manufacturer of that POS. On a side note, I think Im just going to remove the top "ninja" graphic on both sides and not replace it. After thinking about it, I think it might flow better with the lower graphic. The other scratches aren't easily noticed with the position of the mirror so I'm not going to stress over them too much.
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