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Ok so I totally forgot to take step by step pictures. I got a little excited being able to destroy something, anyways..... Here is a quick write up.

Step 1: Remove the rear fender. You will have to take off the front and rear seats, and take off the rear side panels (Is that what they are called).

Step 2: Unclip the Left, right, and plate light. Unscrew the four (4) bolts that are keeping the fender on.

Step 3: The top plastic piece when come off the brake light its held on with velcro and two clips.

At this point the entire fender should be off the bike.

Step 4: Remove the license plate bolts, take off the license plate.

Step 5: Remove the Reflector bracket (Keep this for later you will need it)

Step 6: Remove Tag Light

Step 7: Remove brake light

Step 8: Cut the rear fender with a dremel or hacksaw (Safety first wear eye protection..... giant piece of plastic to the eye sucks...... This totally didn't happen :facepalm:)

Step 9: Take the reflector bracket, take the reflectors off, cut the bracket in half then cut the ends off. you should have 1 piece at this point. Cut it in half the bend those pieces 90 degrees to make an "L". You will need to drill out a little whole on the left on one piece and one on the right of the other piece.

Step 10: Then this is where you use your imagination and wing it and hope it works! It worked for me. This is where a lot of grumbling and !^&#*@ starts. I really don't know how to explain it. Here are some pictures I will try to clear up any questions you guys may have.

I'm still waiting to get my LED bolt lights so I can install those, that's gonna be a new experience so yeah. :dance:

I will post more pictures when I get the fender installed back on the bike.

Large plastic piece to the eye - $7.50 for safety glasses
Burning yourself on the hot piece of metal - $1.00 for band-aids
LED Bolt lights (Coming Soon) - $19.95 but wait there's more
Having a FREAKING awesome new fender - Priceless! :thumb:

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I sort of lied about the "Free" part. Fender eliminator is free but you will have to figure something out for tag lights. I went with the LED bolt lights for $20.

So its still cheaper then buying a commercial fender eliminator for $100 - $120.
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