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Things needed:

  • Phone
  • Cheap ebay half-shell phone case
  • Some aluminium or equivalent to make a bracket
  • 3M VHB double sided tape


Assemble parts:
Grey Gas Eyewear Audio equipment Rectangle

Cut metal into a good bracket size:
Rectangle Grey Wood Flooring Creative arts

Apply 3M VHB to the bracket:
Rectangle Triangle Red Material property Tints and shades

Place bracket above speedo:
Automotive tire Trip computer Speedometer Automotive lighting Odometer

Place cheap case onto bracket:
Speedometer Car Motor vehicle Gauge Odometer

Insert phone into case:
Motor vehicle Gauge Speedometer Measuring instrument Cockpit

Easy as. Now I have the time and navigation on a fairly ugly but useful bracket. Standard windshields may have a problem with clearance.

I suggest getting a black case where ever possible to avoid the ugliness. Now I just need to figure out why my screen won't rotate even when auto-rotate is on...

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That's sleek. I like that a lot! I think this has finally pulled me over to big-screened smart phones.... This way I'll have phone/mp3 player/gps all-in-one. The only other thing I'd have to carry is my camera (sorry, camera phones just don't cut it, no matter how good they are - no optical zoom)
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