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Diabetic walk Fundraiser Help..

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Its that Time of Year again when i ask for Help with Donations and or People to sign up and Walk with us on Behalf of my Nine year old Daughter Kaci .
She was Diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes at the age of Three and has to have on Average 1600-1800 shots per Year. Alot of you guys know me , but most dont know im also a Type 2 Diabetic since the age of 29, so ive been struggling with Diabetes for about 12 years now. Even i can not imagine How Scary it is for Kaci or any Child to have to Deal with Diabetes..

So Kaci wants to say Thank you to anyone that Donates or Volunteers to walk with us at Team "We Love Kaci"
Kaci wants to Raise money to find a Cure for Diabetes and "Stop the Shots"..

Thanks , TIM

Date: 9th Oct 2010
Location: Creve Coeur Lake
Registration Opens: 8:30 am
Event Start Time: 10:00 am

My Personal Page

Team Page

BTW.. Any one looking to get any Parts Powder Coated soon and Help a Good Cause im Donating 25% on anything i make on any/Every Part i do between Now and the Day of the walk..
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Nice work...

Links are dead tho, tried to fix them. Also changed the date, you guys do things backwards, thought it might confuse some people, did me :D


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