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So I got a bike today!

I would like to thank the following before I continue:
Mom, for being totally awesome and letting me get a bike!
Virt, for being an awesome cyber bro!
Spooph, for emailing him a bazillion time asking about things
Zartan, for being there and well she has just been awesome
Crushcamber, for photoshoping some stuff
ztrack, for calling a sexist dealer about a Black 250 I really appreciate it. Can we break up now? lol
Redrider, for making an awesome site!
oh and Felix for not banning me YET! lol
AND last but not least everyone else on Newninja.com!!!!!!!!!

Now time for people to pay up:
Tibbs you owe me $20 I got a bike before you!!
Jester I don't remember the amount but I got a bike before you!

Now to the Price of OTD:
Bike: $3,599
Tax (2.9%): $104.37
Delivery: $50.00
Doc Fee: $89.00
Total: $3,842.37 OTD
I will have to pay an additional 5.2% at the DMV = $187.14
So that brings the Total too:$4,029.51
But then I will be getting the 8.1% back at tax time for buying a fuel efficient bike.

So the grand total of the bike was:
$3,738 OTD

Now for pictures this is all I have until Wednesday when they deliver the bike:

Kick Stand Pad!

Did you get a free koosie?

More pics on Page 10!

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virtualmatrix258 said:

Have you sat on it and rev'd her??

I'm happy for you.

Yes the exhaust doesn't sound to bad but it will be tossed ass soon as I can get a new one.

Virt go to dealership put deposit down buy bike. lol
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