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Delay in Deliveries - Australia

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We are experiencing delays in deliveries for months here in Australia. Is anyone else experiencing the same?
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Nope, Ironically the only delays stopping me from getting my bike is my license!
My baby's been sitting in the shop for a month now, And looks to be doing the same for another before i can bring her home.
I waited 4 weeks to get mine. I was stubborn on the color though. Red Baby.....Red.
I waited 2 months before mine came in. I missed out on one shipment. I'm in NSW btw.
Victorian here, Mildura to be exact. Don't suppose you're close by?
im in Sydney............got a call from the dealer and my red baby is now ready ;D ;D
Lem said:
im in Sydney............got a call from the dealer and my red baby is now ready ;D ;D

j/k just jealous :p pics pics pics!


I'm from byron NSW Australia and have been waiting for 2 months now. should be here within the week.
Since I went in and said I was ready for the delivery I've been waiting a week. Which is ok because there's still a week until i have my license.
apparently there is a waiting list till september i was lucky enough to pick up a second hand one with a 155kms on it ! :)
I Just got THE call from the dealer, my bike has arrived in the country and i can pick it up in 2 days...... i'm bouncing off the walls with excitement :D
Yeah Yeah! 2 days, thats nothing!

Congrats! Got all your hear to?


yeah spent the last 2 months shopping around. got AGV Stealth helmet (so cool), icon jeans, alpinestar boots and gloves. i couldn't decide if i wanted a textile or a leather jacket so i just got a cheap textile from Rjays, but i got it the other day and its absolutely amazing quality for the small price of $130. it will do until i get a leather one later. i got it wholesale cause i do web for a bike shop. cheering :)
$130 bucks... eek, makes me cringe when I think what I'm paying for mine :p

Well in that case, know of any good online bike shops over here? I want to get a AreaP exhaust brought in from US, dont know to just go through them or find someone here.


i was thinking about getting the full area p brought in from US too, that would be the cheapest way to get a pre-made exhaust. it's too expensive to buy pipes in australia. shops want $1000 just for a slip-on here in aus. I am still thinking about modding the exhaust myself, but i'm gonna keep it relatively stock for the first few months. the bike has to be 100% road-legal when i go for my P's cause the instructor has to check it over, which means no loud exhaust just yet.
Haha true, I dont have to worry about that, 12 hrs and they give me a un-restricted open licence :p I spoke to a guy who got the 12 inch, carbon fibre AreaP off their website 633 delivered to aus. My shpo wanted 650 for a yoshi s/s slipon :eek:

Oh, Byron Bay! Thats close enough for a NewNinja Meet! Pop down from brissy. We are all so spread out. I have seen one ninja on the road up here since I started looking over 2 months ago, and it was a red one :(


yeah i'm getting a red one too. only seen one red one on the road as yet. yes, soon our numbers will flourish, and we can take on the WORLD.. haha well not quite. i was smart and got my L's months ago and haven;t touched a bike since, which means i can go for my P's as soon as i think i'm ready.
Nice, laws are so different state to state, rather dumb since you are so close to Qld. I just sat the 5 Questions to get my L's taking some lessons with a mate, then doing a 'Stayupright' Qride course and at the end of that I get my Full Lic, since I've had my car opens for more than 3 years. No P plate for me :p


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