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Hello all, I'm going to upload a rough draft of a day 1 every of my bike log that I'm starting. I would just like some feedback on it. Whether you think it's neat and wanna see more if you think it's kinda dumb. I'm also open to criticism on my writing. Maybe I need to stay on topic of bikes more, or maybe you wanna see some pictures. I wanna hear it all. Lemme know if you all like what you read or if you feel like you wasted your time.

Well, I've had my motorcycle for almost a week now, so this may be an in appropriately named "Day 1." But anyway, it's 4:01 AM Sunday morning, November 11. Last Tuesday I bought my first motorcycle: a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250r from Mountain Motorsports up in Kodak, TN. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Anyways, I was a little scared to drive it home in multi lane traffic, so I let my father drive it down 66 until we hit Boyd's Creek Highway. There we stopped at a gas station and switched off so I could finish the drive home. It was a good drive, and I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so well on it on day 1. Once home, my dad had to go back to work, leaving me at home with my new bike my myself. Uh oh. Once he was gone I took it around my subdivision and neighboring subdivisions for about half an hour. After that I called up my friend Justin to see if he was home and if I could come by and show off my new bike. Sure enough he was, so I set out for his house. Once there, we talked and caught up for a little bit, he admired my new set of wheels, and then I left cuz he had work he had to do. Upon approaching his intersection I remembered that its a really busy stretch of highway, even during the middle of the day. It was also an uphill left-hand turn from a stop. As I waited and waited for traffic on both sides to be clear so I could pull out at my own pace, a spot finally opened up. I proceeded with caution, got halfway through my turn, and dumped it right there. Day 1. Hadn't had the bike for 2 hours. As traffic builds up behind me waiting for me to get out of the way, I use my adrenaline induced super human strength to get the bike up by myself and wheel it back into the subdivision. Once there I assessed the damage: just some scratches and the left turn signal knocked loose cuz the plastic area it was mounted on snapped. I was sick. In hindsight I'm just glad nothing mechanical was broken, simply just all cosmetic stuff. I called my girlfriend and told her what happened and was faced with a fury of "I-Told-You-So's" and "You're gonna get killed on that thing." How could I argue with her?
Fast forward to current events. I've learned how to take off uphill and into turns, I got the bike up to 55 mph, and I'm hooked on the sport of motorcycling. I can't get enough of it. It's all I talk about anymore. I want to learn everything about them and I feel like every penny I earn from here on out in my life should be spent on motorcycle gear. It's way too much fun.
To wrap up the first entry here, I just wanted to say I did my first night ride tonight. It was fun, but holy hell was it cold. And foggy. Needless to say that I won't be winter night riding again soon until I can afford a nice winter riding one piece.
Well, I suppose that's all for this one. It was a long one, trying to catch up to where I am now and all. Well, until next time!
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