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Custom vynil

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I saw qnzee's vynil work and i just had to do it! i loved the look of his bike! I went for more white, like the racing model, just havent added any black. Tell me what you think!


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I hate decals, but that first pic looks great! Really nice and clean. Breaking up the red makes it less offensive to me :p


same here felix, but thats the first 250r like that that ive seen gotta break away from the croud huh! looks good though great job
I think I would like it more if it was black were the white is. Other than that it looks great.
Now just take care of that exhaust and you're set buddy haha
thanks for the comments! i went white so i can match my jacket a little better, ive got some more work done on the front fender, and next to the headlight. Ill post up more pics later! And yea i really wanna get a new exhaust, gotta save some cash!
Looks sweet. Not a fan of the decals. I love that fender though, where can I get one of those?:)
ok I like decals and the white too :) Hey just a touch of black maybe . Less is more they say in art.


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will try on some black there where u placed it!
cool put up pics!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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