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I have a 2011 ninja 250, and ordered a tail light from Custom LED. Everything works until I try to bypass the factory rear signal lights and use the build in signals customled has. What happens then is the front factory signal light stays on constantly and only the rear built in led flashes. The only way I can have it work is by having the factories and th aftermarket flasers connected.

Anyone else on the forum have these lights? Maybe you have gone through this and could help me fix it?


PS. these are the lights btw [url]http://www.customled.com/products/integrators/2009_2010_2011_Kawasaki_Ninja_/2009_2010_2011_kawasaki_ninja_250r.htm?gclid=CKDX1_Hr36oCFcPBKgodl0mo-g[/URL]
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