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Couldn't find neutral for some reason?

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'Tis true, I'm a brand new rider with no experience at all, but yesterday I was riding my new Ninja around in a parking lot for practice, and found that one time I simply could NOT get the bike out of first into Neutral. I did a half-notch up, a full-notch up - absolutely EVERYTHING and the bike would NOT snap into N and finally the engine died.

Any thoughts on why this happened?

Thank you!
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N is very hard to find. It is hard on any bike. It just takes time to find it. I dont have a reason for why it happened but i just know its hard to find.
Yeah, Can happen. Just if it becomes a frequent thing for you to not be able to find it as you become a more experienced rider, get it checked, but for now, don't worry about it at all.
I had this problem in my MSF course, it was either finding neutral or getting out of neutral; the bike just didn't want to do it sometimes. I think what I did was let the clutch out a little or something like that, letting it move the internal parts so they could reset, I dunno what's really going on in there, but letting it move around inside a bit helped solve the problem.
Yep, totally! I was up and downshifting over and over and over again (sitting still - with the clutch fully pulled in) and it simply would not go to N and finally stalled - even with the clutch fully in.
In my Seca, oil makes a difference. On a fresh change (like yesterday) N is slippery. But the bike is 26 years old, after all.
Hello Mookie,
and Welcome:)

sometimes you have to just barely roll forwards or backwards. then with Ninja skill do the half click thing. Sometimes I Shift down to first fairly hard ( While STOPPED) then just ease it back up. Is your clutch lever adjusted correctly?? the cable does stretch out at first a bit.
Consult the little owners manual. It tells you how to adjust that.
Thank you Zartan!
I was typing that last post for like 15 minutes trying to remember what I did, and that rolling thing was the other one
great minds :)
I recall the roll and releasing clutch just enough to get the bike in motion for freeing up neutral as well. My Virago is prone to getting stiff, When it does I either do that or use it as an excuse for another 5 minute blap, just to loosen things up Y'know? :p
blap?? translate please for me. thanks
Hows this sound?

Because it has straight cut gears, if the bike isn't moving and the gears aren't lined up you can't get it out of neutral, all you have to do is move the rear tyre a few centimetres to get the gears to line up.

Just like in a car, getting it into reverse. No sinchro on R so sometimes you just let it roll a few cm and click there she goes, straight in.

Blap = burn, flog, ride, drive, squirt, rev, blast... also, according to 'urban dictionary online'...

refers to the sound that a males penis makes when he hits it against a females face

I'm pretty sure Ratty didnt mean that :p


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well that isn't very respectful now is it.

what did someone feed you after midnight???
zartan said:
well that isn't very respectful now is it.

what did someone feed you after midnight???
Hey just quoting Urban Dictionary...


And its 5:00pm here :p just got in from work. I've got a great aussie slang book, I used to give it to my family in England, very handy for translations of emails I sent them.


sometimes u gotta rock the bike back and forth to get it into nuetral with any bike
First meanings from Felix are right, Blap, Going for a short ride/burn on your motorcycle.
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