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If anyone is building a race engine for a 2008 and up 250 ninja and wants a copper head gasket . I have paid the set up charge at Gasket works. That means that anyone who wants a 250 gasket only has to pay for the gasket not the 75.00 dollars to enter the pattern into the computer.
The gaskets cost around 30.00 dollars each depending on what thickness I think . But I am not sure about that.

Gasket Works FAQ

Ask for Mordy and tell him Eric sent you .
I'm sorry for reviving such an old thread but I am wondering if there is any fundamental differences between the 88-07 and the 08+ in the head gasket design. Like would the 08+ gasket fit my 04? I was looking around for a thinner gasket for my 04 but I had no luck. All the sites that I saw had the same part # for the 04 and 08 head gaskets?

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