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Clutchless shifting?

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Anyone use this technique? Is it bad for your transmission? I heard no, but just checking to see what you guys think.
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Depends on how the transmission is designed. Most Jap bikes are designed for it. I have never seen a bike that you can't do it on, however I know on my BMW it will wear things out a lot quicker..
So, are you saying it would be ok or not ok? Ive heard yes and no too.
I've seen it done plenty, I used to do it in my car :|

If you know your bike well enough, all the clutch does is sync the box with the engine speed I guess...


I do it all the time on a verity of bikes. It won't hurt as long as you dont mis the shift. That can happen any time with or without using the clutch.
When I get in a tight situation I almost always use the clutch. But for running through the gears just push the shifter as you let off the throttle. Thegear lever should just snap to the next gear . Don't completly let off on the throttle just a momentry blip as you shift . The first time is like magic.
I have done it from time to time but normally I use the clutch. Bikes have a 'constant mesh' transmission but I cannot help but think that if you do that ALL the time the synchros will take a s**t kickin.
Dubie217 said:
Anyone use this technique? Is it bad for your transmission? I heard no, but just checking to see what you guys think.
Can sometimes clunk into 2 from first with clutchless shifts but after that it slides into gear pretty smooth. i use it when having more fun getting going fast but if in slow traffic clutch it
I did it by accident the other day. I was slowing down for a light and tapped the shifter before I even thought about grabbing the clutch. No prob.
If its gonna hurt the trans. you'll know it.
the msf guy told me going up not so bad going down he doesnt recomment
Yeah I clutch downshifting that may do some damage
well when u use the clutch u allow the engine to brake slowly but w/o did it make it jump? seems it would if u werent at a low enough rpm
if done wrong it can knacker everythin up, especially chain and drive cush rubbers

and obviously dont do it too often :p
can you wear out your clutch like a cars clutch? how long do they usually last? can you buy a higher grade of a clutch? ( like cars stage one stage two etc)????
Yes, the clutch can wear out just like a cars. However on our 25 hp bikes it will take quite a long time. Just like in a car; clutch life is determined by how you drive. I went through 3 clutches in my rx7 in a matter of 2 years...but I did burnout's all the time and had around 400 hp. Since you cant drop the clutch to do a burnout (unless you want to wheelie onto your back..), the clutch should last a lonng time.

Shifting without the clutch wont do any damage to the transmission, however I HIGHLY recommend NOT downshifting without the clutch. The sudden shock on the drivedrain under decel could cause the rear tire to lock up momentarily, possibly causing some bike droppage. A high speed 6-5 shift is probably ok, but lower gears like 3-2 and DEF. 2-1 will cause the tire to skid.
i just did it just now!
when it worked i was like O.O
wow thats amazing
just like darkhorse said
its like magic =D
I've been working on this for the past week. first into second i always clutch it, then it's open game. The first time I did it smooth I was in awe! just upply upward pressure on shifter, blip the thottle, and it slids right up! It's great!
Clenzer72 said:
just upply upward pressure on shifter, blip the thottle, and it slids right up! It's great!

anyway, it sounds like an awesome thing to do. unfortunately i'll have to wait and try it on my bike cause my friends bike's clutch and tranny is screwed up something terrible. but i'm eager to try it though!
its cool and all but then it sounds like a automatic motor...who wants that? i like using the clutch much smoother ride
Much faster, smoother shifting under heavy load. Under lighter throttle applications, I tend to clutch it more. Plus clutchless shifting doesn't wear out the friction material on the clutch packs.
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