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First off I want to thank everyone for welcoming me & helping me out during my 1st week with my bike. I've ridden about 75 comfortable miles since then. During that time I learned 2 things that I think may help a new rider, especially one that had never driven a manual car...uhhim-like me:facepalm:

1. Stop & go traffic will quickly grow a little frustrating & discouraging for many reasons:stalling at the front of traffic during takeoff, constant shifting, being tailgated and the list can go on & on.

2. Lastly, my 1st few rides out of the neighborhood were an adventure to say the least until I practiced finding & duck walking within the friction zone on an empty parking lot. That little drill along with sliding my index & middle fingers up the clutch toward the curve helped me immensely when it came to smoother shifting. I've got long, wiry fingers and all the years of playing basketball being taught to have strong hands when rebounding or driving to the basket had my clutch release so slow that I was actually revving the bike instead of shifting! After sliding my fingers up, I can now comfortably roll off the throttle, squeeze the clutch, shift the gear, get off the clutch & roll the throttle almost simultaneously. Shifting sounds & feels much better now.

Last small bit of info would be to find a good grip on the throttle when first taking off & keep your hand in that position when rolling on & off the throttle. I was always re-positioning my throttle hand & I was concentrating on way to many things at once. Sounds like common sense but I'm not ashamed of my noobness.

Hope it helps someone. Take care guys.
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