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How dirty dose ur bike get? How do u clean it? Had my bike for 2 years kept under a cover, wipe it down after every ride.. Clean as no need for a soapy wash YET....
i have only out water on my bikes when they really needed to be wash. If they get really dusty or mud. Then yes. The need water on them before you wipe them so you don't scratch them. However. I have said it a million time. Turtle wax bug and tar remover. Is an amazing cleaning product. Works on chains rims plastics glass, mirrors. Etc. Literally that's all I use to clean with and then I have a little thing of spray wax. That I use on the tank after I clean it. It's not needed. But it helps prevent those hand prints when you touch the tank. My bike has nearly 16,000 and you can eat off it. I clean it after every ride. Takes about 5 minutes each time if you do it that way. I have told all my fellow riders and they never believe me because it's bug and tar and not a popular cleaning name brand but when I show them they are all instantly sold and that becomes their cleaning product Hope you try it. It works extremely well!!!!!!


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I just hose mine down n wash n wax the plastics.
when those get looking bad i re-rattlecan paint them....
I'm so hard on paint i can never keep things looking good.
I concentrate on the running of things n not the looks.
My stuff looks used cause it gets used...

1 - 20 of 121 Posts
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