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CL10 Chain Oilers & Remote Kits

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Anyone seen or used these?


A fully automatic and intelligent chain oiler. The faster you go, the more lubricant. Simple.
How does it work? - in a Nutshell. A pressurised can of PTFE-based chain lubricant is controlled by a purpose designed and made solenoid (with only one moving part!) . The Solenoid is controlled by the 'brain' within the display housing, which is linked to the motorcycle speedometer. There is a 3D-map of lubricant flow within the brain - dependent upon the flow rate setting of the display unit (Rider selectable) AND the speed of the motorcycle. The display will also tell you the oil level within the lubricant can everytime the Rider switches on the ignition - and also tell when the can is empty.
NOTE! If you were to ride at a constant 56mph, with the flow rate setting at number 5, the Lubricant Can will last in the order of 700miles. Ride faster, or with a higher setting and this mileage will reduce. Conversley, ride slower or use a lower flow rate setting and this mileage will increase.
This part number is for a Black Anodised Solenoid in the kit - other colours are available.
The lubricant can is pressurised at 55psi, so the PTFE-based lubricant is forced onto the chain rather than just dripping onto the chain (Note! The amount of pressure at the exit point will reduce the longer the lubricant pipe). The display unit has rider-adjustable lubricant flow rate and Auto-dim for night time use, is linked to the speedometer to control the lubricant flow rate. The lubricant is released from the can by a purpose designed and manufactured solenoid in an Anodised Aluminium Housing.
Simple 3-wire connection, (speedo signal, 12V and ground). Remote mounting ahead available for separate mounting of lub can and solenoid. See "Related Products" for full range of accessories.

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Checked it out- think it awesome, but to be honest there isn't much to just oiling your chain by yourself if you have a few simple tools. I like the chain cleaners that have the spiral-brush attached that you link around your chain and just spin the back wheel (by hand, NOT in first gear, that is how you lose fingers, I don't care what your reasoning is) and then to top it off all oils have the compressed air little red straw so there isn't a lot of overspray or cleaning up afterwards..

Price is a bit steep I guess for the job it is doing, but I still think it is a very neat idea. Cool find.
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