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T’was the night before Christmas on NewNinja.com

there wasn’t much posting and the chat room was calm.

Some Ninja 250s were nestled and stored for the season

while others sat ready, just needing a reason

to get out on the road and tear up some twistys.

The thought of a ride… that made me feel misty.

When all ‘round the world there arose a great clatter,

The NewNinja peeps were discussing a matter!

Away to their laptops they flew like a flash,

typing and posting, let’s hope there’s no crash!

Now spooph and now Felix, On Delta and Zandit,

On Zartan and Virt, Racer X and MetBandit.

Post up some pics and report on some rides.

Tell us about wrenching and fill us with pride,

sure in the knowledge that the bike we all love,

now, or at some time, fit just like a glove.

We’ve got Random Picture Posts and Random Vids too.

Stuff from spooph and many more on exactly “How To”.

X’s Mod List and Felix’s Drag thread - Chasing 10s,

And all of those ways to trim the rear end.

The Bike Photo Challenge – so nice to see ya!

And let’s not forget, Zandit Dropped Wifey’s Ninja!

To thank Red Rider for the start up would only be right.

So “Thanks”, “Merry Christmas” and to all a good night.


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Boar, That was sheer magic!! I started thinking perhaps you had copied this from another forum, but then you added those personal touches that makes this place so great!!!

Thank you sooo much for a great laugh, and Merry Christmas everyone!!
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