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Chicane day track day

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I will post up whatever media I can get my hands on afterwards... Right now I'm freaking out: Freakin out: The track « thedandooligan
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Attention Denver Colorado metro riders. Chicane will host another track day 9-5-11. The last one was really worthwhile IMHO. Excellent instruction. Limited number of riders on the track. Held at HPR which is 60 miles east of Denver. Here is the link: chicanetrackdays.com/register.html I hope I haven't broken any rules by posting this event. I'm not affiliated but I am a satisfied customer and I just want to make this information available to the ninja 250 community.
Chicane track day

Spooph, you rock! :dance: Sorry you can't make the track day. Have a good trip to Oregon. BTW I'm the blue ninja. My form :nonono: is a work in progress. Felt good by the end of the day.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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