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Check out this loser!!

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This is the kind of stupidity that gives us grief from the cops!!

Squid On Suzuki GSX-R Owned - Speeders Fight Back

You have to watch the whole thing cause the ending is a classic!!!
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google him convicted child porn.
Really?!!!! Thats sick. Let the boys in the lockup teach him!!!!
that ending was so f**@ up!!! and 200 dollar ticket just by going 15 miles over the limit.. damn!!
He makes motorcycle riders look bad. I like the last part when he loses control in the parking lot. :D
Oh yeah I posted this awhile back, what a jerk right? I'm just glad he's on a suzuki :p

zartan said:
google him convicted child porn.
really? Well in that case I hope he becomes someones hood ornament. Thats shit aint cool.
What a cocky a-hole, haha, stupid people get what they deserve. I have to laugh again at the dump, HAHA !!!

Riding tip: Don't ride angry.
that's some funny stuff. Another guy with Napoleon Syndrome... Did you see how short he was? AHHA
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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