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If you have decided to get rid of the stock fenders on your sportbike, reduced its weight, and give it a more aggressive sporty look, check out the all-new line of carbon fiber front and rear fenders offered by Hotbodies Racing. The company has almost two decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories for popular sportbike models. People choose Hotbodies Racing products for their innovative design, functionality, high quality, and affordable price.

The all-new line of carbon-fiber fenders from Hotbodies Racing are manufactured at the famous Kabən factory, a place where carbon-fiber parts for some of the most luxurious cars are made. The use of pressure and vacuum forming methods in the manufacturing process allows for creating flawless carbon-fiber shapes ready to be laminated and polished to achieve that glossy finish we all know and love. All parts come pre-drilled and can be installed in minutes using original factory hardware.

Hotbodies Racing® 51303-1500 - Front Carbon Fiber Fender

Kawasaki Ninja 250 2008-2017
Kawasaki Ninja 300 2013-2017

Hotbodies Racing® 51801-1500 - Front Carbon Fiber Fender

Kawasaki Ninja 400 2018-2019

Hotbodies Racing® 51304-1500 - Front Carbon Fiber Fender

Kawasaki ZX6R/RR 2009-2020
Kawasaki Z1000 2014-2018
Kawasaki Ninja 1000 2011-2018

Hotbodies Racing® 51601-1501 - Rear Carbon Fiber Fender

Kawasaki ZX10R 2011-2019

Hotbodies Racing® 51301-1501 - Rear Carbon Fiber Fender

Kawasaki Z1000 2014-2017
Kawasaki Ninja 1000 2011-2019

“Factory” grade carbon parts with a 2-year no-fade guarantee
Pre-Preg, vacuum bagged, autoclave manufacturing process
Pre-drilled for easy installation
High-gloss finish that is free of bubbles and pits
Very lightweight and strong construction

Go to the product page for more information.
To browse the full catalog of Hotbodies Racing products at MOTORCYCLEiD.com, please click the button below:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, in a PM, or call our tech experts at 888.903.4344​
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