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Cheap Ninja 250 adjustible rearsets!!!!!

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Found these while looking for some rearsets that were cheap and good looking. Boy did I hit the jackpot.
Black or silver
My wallet likes these and so do I. I need some new rearsets (my left one is bent and is bugging me slightly, some shifting problems).
I won't be getting the till winter or around that.
Yes I will be getting these at some point!
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I like Black!

But since your exhaust is silver color silver might look better. who knows I like the satos the best!
They look like sato, that's why i like them
Try them out! If you like them. I'm hesitant. They are underselling the market by like ALOT ($100 Woodcrafts)
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yeah they look great! id think tht the silver would look better cause ur bike is white/silver...so it just fits
i like the silver
I looked up the Sato and Woodcraft sets and they have information, Woodcraft being the best, on being Aluminum Billet Alloy. Theses Monolanna just say Billet Alloy. I bet the are made from the same crap the oem sets are made from.
I actually own a set of those but they are made a little better (same company but different price) Add about $60 for shipping. The X Race I sell are about the same total cost I need to compare the two.
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