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changing gears

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well I haven't gotten my bike yet but I get my 09 250 in about 2 weeks. When changing gears, you take of and you release the clutch and accelerate and the same time. Was wondering when your in 1st gear going to 2nd, Can you release the clutch altogether and then accelerate or do you have to do the same and release the clutch and accelerate at the same time?
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Hmm, odd first post. I'm guessing you've never ridden a bike before.

first, and second I suggest doing a training course of some sort. But you can realse the clutch before opening throttle. You can let clutch out and not even use the throttle if you were coasting down a hill at low speed for example.

But if you were moving forward up through the gears normally you would open the throttle as you let the clutch out I guess. That make sense? Cause I dont know myself now.

Oh and check the search function on the left and in here to http://www.newninja.com/index.php?topic=804.0;topicseen


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys :) I've done the training course and was only going from 1st to 2nd and was letting the clutch go as I was pulling the throttle, But thought it would be an embarrassing question to ask at the time.
.........I relate to your question as a first time rider. I did the intro course and have been riding the ninja for about 2 weeks.......my suggestion is slight throttle whilst clutching out on the 2nd gear, it allows for a more smooth transition between gears instead of the sudden jolt, but you will naturally learn that just as I am! Enjoy!!
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