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I bought a quality marine grade stainless steel one off amazon for around 6-9 bucks...:thumb:
It came with a quality rubberish flap to close it off while not using it to keep water and dirt out. I wired it in myself off the battery with a fuse. Fusebox fits right in battery box. I mounted it into the black plastic that fit around top of tank area around triple tree. Just black taped wires up real good in case of a chance of any chafing. I also used plug ins off the actual power plug so when i have to remove this fairing piece i can just just pull fuse, and unplug the power plug easily. I used a 5 amp fuse. Very easy install....:whistling::whistling:
I mostly use it for Garmin Nuvi, but do carry a cell phone charger in saddlebags for them long trips just in case.:thumb:
I bought a double size battery for cell when i got that, so a charge goes days.....:thumb::thumb:

Mine was a:
Seadog Stainless Steel Power Socket - 12v

Mine just aluminum riveted on.... after u cut the required size hole. :thumb::thumb:

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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