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Carmera Mounts

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I'm looking for a camera mount to add to my bike, does anyone make one that will fit on the 2008 250r tank? The problem is getting the tank screws to line up so you can bolt it on, since the 250 has a 6 screw pattern.

Here's one I think might fit,


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I reckon it would, or could be modified to fit, nice item that one.



you know what you should try is lemme find it


theres videos on youtube of people using em as well
That's not my style.
i thought it was good because you can just remove it so it wouldn't be there all the time and get annoying.

you can get this for $40 http://www.stickypod.com/osc/product_info.php?products_id=53&osCsid=a61abee1bf3786751db677af0840ee53

and then get a 3" extension so the camera can see over the dash for $12
Thinking I'm going with a bolt on, I'm asking the dealer if the one I want will fit, if so I'm getting it.
their some that have these like suction cups and stick to your tank, i think thats the best way you donna wanna mess with bolting things to your car tank or cap you know.... as long as it records is what i say but usually those videos suck anyways helmet cams are best! then you see what the rider sees!
Wow!!! That thing is HUGE, put a camera on top and you'll have to look around it, haha. Looks cool on a car though.
Bought the camera mount from my original post, we'll see if it works when I get it. I'll be M14, haha.
MadMax said:
Bought the camera mount from my original post, we'll see if it works when I get it. I'll be M14, haha.
you better be haha i want 5+ videos a week.
Update: this camera mount doesn't fit the 250, back to the drawing board.
I told you just grab one of the sticky pods they're good
I searched online all day yesterday, found lots of suction cup carmera mounts. I'm going to get one, way cooler and looks alot easier (to mount on and off).
I got my new camera mount in the mail today, super excited. Cleaned the tank and installed it, fits perfect, it's awesome. Won't be able to test it out til Thrus. or Fri. , can't wait. I'll give a review afterwards.
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