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What is more exciting to watch?

  • Car beat Motorcycle

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  • Motorcycle beat Car

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  • Tie

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  • Maybe a crash while racing

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Car Vs Bike

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Personally I love it when a cager rides up next to a bike and revs, then the bike completely kills the car. But I also like it when a bike runs up to me and I smoke the hell out of him lol...which I rarely ever do! I dont like tickets.
I like cocky bikes that get eaten by well built tricked up cars...

And cocky cagers who get eaten by stock bikes.


Ok going at a set speed like 60 the take of the bike will get SMOKED but from a stop the bike will smoke. But ya my neighbor has a 04 BMW M3 333hp. He says CRX's and 350's pull up to him and rev their engines and he revs and then when the light turns green he takes off really slow and the other car just flys away. I did that on my bike once lol But I was messin and tried to over take my neighbor, well........... he down shifted and then took off. It looked like it freakin hit his NOS button or turned on his turbo. lol I knew I was going to get smoked but I just thought it was funny.
ahaha 333 hp vs. 250 cc glory!
RR's old car would be equal with my old bike at low boost.
I bet it would probably beat my gixxer on the high power setting( 23+psi)
what kind of car did he have?

Also..good to see you man where've you been?
hmm i think that bikes would beat most cars. not all but most.
i mean half of those bikes were 600cc. so in those vids if you had a 1000cc the car would have probs been smoked :p
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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