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which color do you like?

Cant decide on a color

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Please, what color do you reccomemed, i saw the red in person and though it was to dull. I dont now which one and im running out of time.
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I went with black .. I'm biased though because mines black :)
However I would've just have easily gone with red, really depends what kind of colour scheme you have in mind
Red is the fastest. Haha jk if I had a preference I'd go with either red or black. But if you think about it, all the colors look great. You'll be lucky if you get to pick a color from what I hear; you have to wait a long time and most people choose whatever comes in first. Just my $0.02
I chose red and was lucky enough that it was the next one coming in when i put my deposit down.

i dont know what your talking about it being too dull? maybe the 09 color. i havent seen that one yet, mine is the 08 passion red and its sooo bright and sexy.
I haven't seen the 09's in red either, but I know that they all are different shades. I was in where I bought mine about a month ago and they told me about how the new colors changed. He said that the red looks more like a redish-orange, and the blue had a purple tint to it.
I bought red beceuse it was either that one or the blue... Red just caught my eye a little better. ;) If I had my druthers, black would have been at the top of the list fo sho, second being Kawi Green (or the new special edition, that's pretty sweet), third the red, and finally blue.
Actually I preferred red and black but mine is blue. as for red, I worried that red color may get faded/dull after few years (is that what you mean by dull?) and I did'n't go for black worrying about safety during night riding. BTW, the ninja 250R looks great in any color! include white and orange!
Special Edition!!!


I think the new bikes are like more metallic colored instead of solid colored.
now what i meant was it looked redish orange, is the 09 blue nice and bright? I think im goin for blue
I went blue, its a lot different than the 08 blue, more of a deep metallic blue. That and not a lot of people have the blue as its not available in some other countries, my second choice would be the special edition.
Mine is Black.... and it impresses me everytime I look at it...
MI22 said:
Mine is Black.... and it impresses me everytime I look at it...
Except for mine being red, I couldnt have said it better! +1 for myself! ;)
Doesnt matter, get any kind of color and go have it painted pearl white. Only color that matters lol
Well the polls are split Red/Black.

Got any Tie breakers out there wanna throw in another vote for black?
dude you gotta go team black! i waited four months just to get a black one and i'm so happy i did!
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