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Okay, posted everywhere..why not here too? ;D

Okay, well it has been awhile I've used this..bought it only for around $5 or so. It basically attach to your brake bulb and give quick flashes for 2 seconds to warn other driver before it brake light became constant (when pressing on the brake). You will need to cut the brake light wire and just wire this one in series with it and that's it. Instruction how to wire it up is included....but just wire it in..if it doesn't work, flip it around...that's it...

Here you go:


You need that two wires unit...not the three wires.

A guy on ebay is selling it for like $30 with a connector. I actually found a place to buy that connector too but not worth it...simply just cut and solder it in...takes like 30 seconds (only 1 wire cut)...why bother with connectors? it's not like you take it out every day or something...Have fun.

PS. The unit will work with stock bulb...but you can order one of those LED cluster (1157 style?) and it'll work much better too...LED is brighter and flashes much faster and cleaner...but kinda expensive.
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