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I just bought my 2008 Ninja and when I was washing it and cleaning the chain today I decided to remove the windshield and clean behind it (he had a sticker and I had to clean the residue). After removing the bolts the bottom bolts had the anchor nut behind the cowl (wrong word I assume) had the rubber dry rotted and fell out. Now I am having a terrible time trying to get it back in position the screw the bolt in. I have heard this is a common issue and I suppose I should have researched this before just removing them.

Do I have to remove the front cowl to install these bolts again? It isn't an issue since I plan on removing it some time in the future because the fuel gauge isn't accurate and my mechanic friend are going to take that apart to fix it. Also is it safe to ride with only 2 of the 4 bolts holding it together?
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