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Bored with Photoshop

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I got bored and took some more pics and created this with photoshop.
"its not really a polaroid, it started as a digital photo" ( for all you that arent that computer savy )
let me know what you think...

And this one...
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Looks good to me, well done.
i like how the red stand out hardcore!
I like the Red one two. R6 take note: He's wearing GEAR. heheh lol


Thankyou all for your comments. Im working on a few more that ill add to this thread when i finish. :)

and now this one...

This one dont really go with the "ninja" theme, but i made it from scratch for a background. ( Boyd is my nickname )

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dope! damn it delta! hahahah i wear gear, just not as much as you guys! im comfortable now with my jeans shirt helmet shoes and gloves feels great, but at night its starting to cool down alot so i wear my jacket then and its getting darker sooner now and sucks sometimes because ill have my gold shield on and by the time im leaving its dark and i hate to ride with my gold shield cant see as clear a bit scarry
Crushedcamber, Nice Photoshop work, I have CS3 and use it for phtotgraphy, haven't done a whole lot with the graphics.
Thanks all, Yea Ive always been artistic and i love photoshop, ive been drawing since i was just a little tike, so it comes pretty natural. I have a sick graphics scheme for my bike that hopefully i can get around to doing this winter while im not riding, and come spring ill take pics and show you all, but for now its a secret... ;)
Sounds cool. Can't wait to see it, how's that exhaust coming?
exhaust hasnt arrived yet, but hopefully it will be this week, i took it off and ran it open header for 2 miles and it was waaaaaay too loud.. haha, i only did it to see what i had to do to prepare for my mod, but since it was off i wanted to see how loud it was, and it was too loud without and too quiet with... haha but its back on for now. ( dont want to get a ticket for now )
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