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This is a project that I am following . In 1966 Donald Campbell held the land speed top record and the water speed records in the same year. In 1967 while trying to go 300 mph on water ( he hit 328 on first run ) The boat called Bluebird lifted off the surface of the water and was destroyed. The boat sank to the bottom of Coniston waters and sat there for 34 years.
It is a beautiful story of his Daughter wanting to bury her father. And bring back the boat. AND FIX THE BOAT. Not let it be displayed as grisly wreckage .But as the 8 time world water speed Champion it was.
So they are going to fix her. Piece by piece using as much of the original boat as possible .With only donations and personal money. It is all volunteers.There is no rush but the boat is all most ready
It is easy to get involved. Just give them some money or buy a t shirt.

YouTube - Bluebird Project - Promo

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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