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best eliminator i have seen yet

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check that bad boy out. looks sweet. its in spanish but i think he says there is no cutting.!!L!<!<!<!!<><!><>[email protected]<#>@!<#21.#<@!>#<@!>#<>@!#<@!>#<[email protected]
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full system yoshi.

i bet he took the whole thing off instead of cutting it. ill try that when i get mine :p
what do you mean ? ya cant leave it without the plastic on at all can ya?
as in i think the Lisence plate mount is screwed through the plastic. if you take the plate mount off then the plastic off then screw the plate mount back on. but you might need shorter screws. and sadly i have to wait til the 09's to get my bike so i cant really go to the bike and see as i havnt got it yet:p
but something along those lines.

i would talk to redrider and ask him :)
Wow that is very nice..
What's the big deal with the tail cowl though, I mean I know it looks retarded, but why is it like, the default first thing you do to your ex250?
He says at 130/ that there was no cutting involved and its the best eliminator kit you can buy for this bike. It really looks good. I plan on getting a kit like that and maybe a hugger. I would also like to get the solo cowl, but only after I get everything else done performance wise.
i like the otherone by bikelitez the one right by the rar tire looks clean sick and sporty f the law!
I'm working on my DIY fender eliminator, and it looks about the same. I'l be posting as soon as my turn signals come in. I'll have about $45 invested. 8)
im gonna get rid of it aswell, but the preformance parts are gonna be top of my list before the fender
I would rather have a bike that didn't look retarded and be slow(er)than have a fast retarded looking bike! It's a 250 not a zx-10 or something.
I think "no hay de que cortar nada" means you don't need to cut anything. Looks nice. BTW I don't think the rear cowl looks retarded...looks pretty sweet I think. Since the bike is pretty small and I'm a rookie rider, I don't plan on riding w/ a passenger so I plan on getting the cowl eventually.
It's the Targa fender eliminator kit, no cut. If I ever cut mine, this is the one I'm going to use.
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