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Bar Ends

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I like them. I like detail stuff like that.
if it were real, i'd love them.
but i don't think i'd waste my money on it still.
to each their own.
Yea I feel like it's all about look anyway, and as soon as I drop it they're gone, but I'm still ordering a pair for my ZX. I'll see how I like em when they get here. Oh and, first thread in the "found" section. Yee!
I decided to wait. The ones I found are like $25 so I need to work a little. Can't really spare much at the moment.
I know how that goes, I need a tank bag but waiting on the funds.
gotta be careful with them magnetic ones they can scratch your paint my friend had one on this old honda and the tank has a few scratches on them
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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