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bar-end rear view pig spotter needed

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Hi... I was looking for pig spotter for ninja 250. If anyone sell it, please mention the type and pic , also price included.

So far, as I know there are carbon, chrome, new edition.

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pig spotters are usually a referral to small, bar-end rear-view mirrors. Is this what you are talking about?

I run a set of CRG 2" blindsides on my bike - they're usually $160/pair + mounting brackets... I have seen some cheaper plastic knock-offs on ebay, but can't remember the name...
Thanx spooph, any idea how much the price include shipping to indonesia? And I would like to buy by cash transfer, not by credit card.
I have no idea papasuka. You're going to have to find an online seller and check with them for shipping. Maybe somebody local has them in stock? Or maybe somebody could make them, you guys do a lot of that, don't you?
Thanx bro. I already asked my friend to buy via paypal. I hope I will get it soon. Can't wait that things on my hand
Got that pig spotter. Black colour
throw up some pics for the rest of us to see, eh?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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