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Back tire kicking out.

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Hi All,

I've noticed lately that my Ninja's back tire seems to be kicking out fairly often for no apparent reason. Usually when I'm downshifting on a normal road with no gravel or wetness, the back tire always feels like it's skidding.

Would this be due more to inexperience, or are the Ninja tires simply not "sticky" enough?
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chain tension correct?? check with owners manual.
or are you downshifting at too high RPM??
I could be downshifting at too high an RPM. I find that when I'm in top gear, I sometimes have to come to a fairly quick stop, and have trouble shifting down so many gears quickly...
You will get the hang of it. Practice, Practice , Practice
You can always shift down after coming to a stop, but then there's that problem with the bike not shifting or just going into neutral.
I find that letting the rpm drop alittle then down shifting is a cure for the back tire skipping. Also, never down shift into first to take a turn while you are moving at a reasonable speed. Your back tire will studder for sure.
Thanks for the tips. :)

Does anyone ever go into curves/turns fully holding in the clutch and lightly touching on the front brake? I've noticed I always clutch in for all curves, even though I'm not shifting up or down. Is there anything wrong with doing this?

Thanks! :)
I have heard that it can be super dangerous. Because you dont actually have full control of the bike when you are breaking in a curve/turn. Personally, I feel safer and more incontrol when when I just drop a gear in a turn and lean into it. Remember, Brake, Look, Lean, Roll. I think it goes that way. haha. But yea, use the gyro affect the engine and the bike makes to stay in control in corners. If you feel that you are not confident enough to take corners at a cruising speed, then slow down way before you enter the curve. The more and more you ride the more and more you will become comfortable with it.
Stockwall has good cornering advice
Are you riding with a buddy??

They can watch you corner from behind and give you pointers.
Hmmm, well after doing 14hrs training over the last two days, I can say with full conviction DO A COURSE! If you back end is coming around, are you using any back brake to keep it going straight? You shouldnt be using brakes or changing speed in a corner full stop!

Speed up in a corner and the bike stands up and goes straight, which unless you are pointing where you want to go, you will run wide, slow down in a corner and it will dive in and lay down. Front brake while cornering same thing, bike will want to dive.

You should be 100% setup before reaching the corner, speed and gears, looking right the way through the corner and head up and level. Drop your elbow then push for the couter steer through the corner.


You can shift and accelerate 2/3rds into some corners, most your best slowing before you get too and maintaining speed through.

Original problem sounds as simple as too high a speed/rpm.

How'd your course go Felix?
Yeah, the feel I got was once you are far enough through the corner its fine, but to early and like I said, you could run wide or dive in. So much to learn, I cant wait to get back in a month and a bit on my bike for another course.

Course = Felix Licenced :p


Yep, did the full course last year, and a refresher course this year, but I just have a habit of holding the clutch in whenever I turn. ;) Does it matter if I do that, though? Not braking or shifting, just holding the clutch in on a turn?
Are you talking about low speed turns or like actual curves on roads with speed of 35-50? Because if you are just turning on side streets and just city driving where you are turning at low speeds then just dont lose control. Personally, I still like to feather the clutch and let the bike do the work. It might be a good idea to break that habit though.
You shouldnt ever pull in the clutch unless your going ultra slow (like moving the bike into the garage or something). Someday (and it will happen) you will need power to straighten up the bike to avoid something. If you have to release the clutch it will cause a shock in the drivetrain and the back tire will most likely kick out from under you. Also a very bad idea to use the brakes while cornering. Front brakes while cornering can cause a tank slapper (when the handlebars smack back and forth all the way to the tank), and the rear can cause the back end to slide out. Some of the best advice I've heard is shift and brake early, meaning be at the right speed in the right gear going into the corner, so all you have to focus on is leaning and maintaining the speed you need.
when downshifting, try to get into the habit of learning at what speed your bike can handle without chirpin the rear wheel. for example from 6th to fifth I wait till im around 60, from 5th to 4th at 40mph and the 4th to 3rd at 30. You can trail break into a turn but not a good idea to coast and break while in the turn. Try learning at what speed you can take a turn at and already be in that gear range and just throttle through the turn, very light to no braking while in the turn.

As you get more familiar with the bike you can downshift while applying break just by blipping the throttle.

I would suggest also check and double check the tire pressure. I replied to a post "wooden tires" I check the pressure today and it had 0 psi. No wonder I was all over the place. Rides sooooo much better with air in the tires. It wasn't holding air for very long. Another item for the fix list. That list is getting longer than the mods I want to do.
Head down to the auto parts store, and buy some real valve caps. Metal kind with rumor seals. But some on my Seca, and it really slowed down the air loss.

All bike tires lose pressure, much more so than car tires. Valve caps are actually safety equipment for us.
It's a screw that caused my flat tire. So I'm screwd. I wont have a tire for another week. $110 for a tire plus labor at the cheap place. Its a brand new tire. If you've never had a bike I'll tell you this, NO ONE will repair a rear motocycle tire. You damage your tire, plan on buying a new one. I guess I can practice burnouts now with this one. I'll do a vid with right ups on it. And the fuel gauge sending unit on the 08 has been bad on every bike my dealership sold. They told me that they're supprised that there hasn't been a recall on it yet. I am planning to move to Brasil in a few weeks and I need to get it all fixed before Whitey121 gets his bike in so I can use his create to ship mine in. I checked the Brazillian forums and they didn't get any, and they will only have black and green when they get them. And to think about how much you guys belly ache about waiting for a bike. Gzus, those guys aren't even gettin em. I haven't been posting much so I figured I'd pack in up. See Felix, I'm not a post whore like those other guys. You know who you are. Hell some guys one here post each line of a sentance in a new post.

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I totally know what you mean.

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tru dat

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tru tru

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