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AZ riders

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aww it worked a second ago let me see if i cans till find it
okay okay the dude made it so u cant share with others..

http://ww.youtube.com/watch?v=G1DgTh6JkVY just add a w in the www too see it
Is it just me or do you hear a litle whine in the engine? I'm talking about the first video. Great video btw, I dont see stuff like that here in FL.
one of the better on board camera rides i have seen nice work.
Now that looks like some fun riding.
is it just me, or does it look sped up? look at how fast the dude is walking at 0:49... And he's really not getting down that far for going that fast...

Nice vid though
ok so i just did the ride and its not that great well atleast the day i did it to many cars too many people and was way sandy! oh and by the way he is still a noob i was doing 40-50-60 all the way in third and fourth gear wih sand
Nice road..

n'sorry to hear that, R6S_2NR. It looks so enjoyable. :O
that looks really nice...i wish there is something like this here
a nice enjoyable slow ride doesn't sound terrible to me at all :)
its really not that great the video looks better its real short and to many people on push bikes and cars not that fun but its the closest thing to a "fun" ride only 45 min away
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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