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Well i decided to head out on the bike two up with the misses on this long weekend Monday.

The weather had been shit for two day and we had our highest monthly rainfall yesterday, hey the suns out now though (not for long).

Righto i said lets go get that geocache i have been after for awhile now and check out the old hut at the same time.

Ride map here

Okay so this trip takes us through the hellyer gorge and then into the bush at Parrawe on Blackwells Rd.

Then we encounter this little tree, I had to make some room around this one.This was expected as the Gorge was covered in wind blown debris

Then we go about 100mtr around the corner and find this bugga, missus is new to all this so you can imagine what im gettin.

I say no probs i can get us through, i brought the axe :woot:

Sweet a track is made.

Well now its time to put the camera down and help push :D

There was a lot of signs like this one, seems to be a problem on old roads.

Oh boy that green stuff in the middle is Fast (slippery), we had a small tank slapper at one spot :kna

Shit here we go again :bang:

A waterfall or two.

End of the line, over the bridge is the old hut and the geocache im after, Arthurs Hut

The Arthur River with plenty of water from 2 days rain.

Finally i have made it to the Arthurs Hut.

Well after a bite to eat it was time to head back out, we di a couple of tracks on the way out and heres just a couple of randoms.

Thanks for looking
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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