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Any ladies have a 2 Piece or 1 Piece Leather Suit?

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I'm looking to buy a 2 piece leather outfit, probably not a one piece but maybe...I don't know. I just really don't like riding the curves in jeans, b/c occasionally that though will go through my head "wow, that would really hurt to rub this knee across that pavement," even though I'm nowhere near enough to riding the curves like that. But I'd at least like to be properly geared up for when I do. Anywaysssss, I'm rambling....if you have leather pants or whatnot, post up! I'd like to hear about what brands you like, how they fit, etc. :)
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I have always been told The one piece suits are built to fit you when you are folded up riding and aren't usually comfortable for much walking around. please anyone correct me if i am wrong.
Sounds like your after a pair of leather sliders maggie ;)

And your correct Zartan, And to have a correctly fitted one piece suit here your talking a minimum of 1500, so probably 1000 there. ;)
Ratty I'm going to start calling you Patty, cause your always in the Women Only Thread.

As for Maggie's question I would get a One piece cause it seams safer. You don't want the Zipper on the two piece to fail. One piece will cost more though.
Not my fault you haven't been adding the "No men posting!" title nowdays.

And most leathers are more impact abrasion retardant aimed rather than when your skidding along, So the zip is pretty much going to be fine. Unless it catches a nail sticking out of the asphalt or something.
Hehe, okay ladies, I'm all about finding a two piece that I love, but this one piece is so pretty and still tough looking, I love it! (well, except for the price!)
Make sure it fits PERFECTLY cause the instant you try riding or walking around in it you'll wish it did :p

And don't pull a Rossi either, Wear something underneath.
I decided to buy a 2-piece leather suit. The sipper attaches nicely and should never be able to come loose, so no worries there.
The reason why I went for a 2-piece is because it gives me the opportunity to just put on my boots, jacket, gloves and helmet. Makes it a lot easier when you're going to meet some non-motorcycle-riding friends for a drink and a walk.

At first, the leather has to be quite tight. After a while, it will get used to your body and will fit you like a glove. I you go for pants one size too big, it will start to look like you're wearing a diaper as you walk around.

Alpinestars has some really nice 1 and 2-piece leathers for women, called 'Stella' :)
Yup, I've seen the Stalla gear, and really like it. I bought Teknic leather pants and jacket on clearance at the Iron Pony, and when I tried them on a few weeks ago (bought them in the fall), I really didn't like how the jacket fit at all...haha, so now I'm considering ebaying it and buying a 2 piece suit like I wanted to before...my husband thinks I'm nuts for wanting different leathers, lol.

Red did you get some leathers or what? This thread is a year old. lol But i had some issues finding girls leathers - I did get a two piece Teknic suit we grabbed off craigslist, new with tags for $200 so I grabbed it up. Bought them for the track, but I did try them out on the street to see how low the temps could get and i could still ride.

CONCLUSION was - HA, the leathers have stretch panels on the inner thigh - got a little chilly.. lol
Maggie hasn't been on in a while. soooo I will thread hi-jack and answer. lol

Most of the suits are vented or perforated cause of heat. If you want to ride in leathers when its cold, you could always throw on some "thermal underwear type stuff". As for an actual FEMALE designed freaking leather suit I've herd good things.

I do hate that its white though
I went with the Alpinestars Stella 2 piece, and loved it from the second I put it on for the first time. It's a great suit, and I wear it on every ride (except when I commute).

It's not vented at all, so in the summer, it can get a little warm. But, I always wear UnderArmour under the suit, which does help a lot. And in the winter time, I switch to the cold weather UnderArmour.

Many of my riding buddies recommend when you're out riding and get chilled all of sudden, to put on your rain gear, and if you don't have any, to swing past Wal-Mart and pick up a cheap set. I was out in the rain the other day for the first time, so I had the pleasure of trying out my rain suit. It was amazing how quickly it became hot. But in the cold, that'd be a great thing to have too.
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