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Flatlander said:
No doubt. I want my brakes to do what I want my brakes to do, when and how I want them to do it. I wouldn't be too worried about it though. If they won't do EFI here, why do ABS unless they have to? EFI would move more units than ABS would, I just imagine.

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+1 on that. Although I've never rode a bike with ABS I'm only basing this on experience with car ABS systems and all are not created equally. Some great and hardly notice but some are shit and clunky when applied.
I do feel that fuel injection is needed here in the US. As far as Kawi competing with Honda they should offer both FI and a quality ABS but with ABS as an option only. My opinion though is that our Kawi 250 beats Honda's 250 in the looks department. Hands down.
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