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Another New Rider

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Making my trip through google trying to find helpful forums to learn more about my new bike. Picked this up saturday. 2010 Ninja250R in blue. Already installed a fender eliminator kit, integrated tail light (still need a relay or resistor or something because they dont work) and a rear seat cowl. I have a lot more mods planned and cant wait to share and learn from you guys.

Photo of my bike

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Welcome Scarmack. Great shot of the bike.
Indeed! Welcome to NN! Congratulations on your new purchase, and beautiful picture. How 'bout a bit about yourself? Anything in particular you need help on?
I'm 21. My full time job is working as a I.T. Assistant for a family company. So basically I'm on a computer 40-45 hours a week. I'm also a freelance photographer working for myself. I do mainly high school action sports (Baseball, Basketball, football etc.) I also do the occasional wedding or senior portraits. I use to race dirtbikes and would always bring the camera along with me and when I wasn't racing I would just go out and snap some photos for people to enjoy. I drive a 2010 Genesis Coupe. I have a 2010 Ninja 250R, a 2008 Yamaha WR250X, 2007 Honda CRF250R (pending sale :(...), 2006 KLX110. I'm into guns. I go to the range once or twice a month and go through hundreds of rounds. I have a Glock 23, Glock 27, Walther P22, and a Bushmaster M4 (AR15).

I'll be looking to upgrade a little performance on her soon. (She's kinda sluggish, don't tell her I told you that! She'd kill me ;) hahaha) Looking at a Jet kit, remove the air box, get some filters, maybe a exhaust. Really anything like can get rid of the dead bog on the bottom. Takes a little to get her going.
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Making my trip through google trying to find helpful forums to learn more about my new bike.
Welcome! If we find any useful forums we'll let you know :p For the time being you should hang here :D

Like the photo! Lots of info here, before jetting hit the search bar for shimming needles. Also have a look for your resistor issue, been posted on here a few times already.

If in doubt, ask, we're a pretty friendly bunch :D


Cool, thanks for that reply. I'll be sure to stick around. Hope to learn a lot so I don't have to keep running back here and asking how to fix something haha
welcome to the forum! theres also a geek squad for all of your computing needs haha.

loving the picture of the bike!
Ah yes!! another for team Blue.
OH...welcome to the forum.
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