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Another FNG in Cali

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Hey everyone,

Just found this forum and thought I would reg and say hello. I don´t currently have a bike but I used to ride an fz6 for a couple of seasons until I had to sell for medical bills almost two years ago. I moved to the Bay area about 6 months ago from Oregon and have been getting the itch to ride more than ever as of late. After doing a lot of research and sitting on a borderline absurd number of bikes I´ve decided to set my sites on a 2012 or newer Ninja 650. Hopefully I´ll be able to take ownership of one in the next couple of months so I can feed the beast within!

Looking forward to chatting with some of you and learning all I can about these pretty awesome bikes.
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Great to see your passion for the sport is still strong. I assume your health is on an upswing!

Glad you joined-the community is great. It's all about the love for the Ninja! O and sometimes ourselves 😝

09 ST3R
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