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Yeah, I'd like to know also. Do both headlights stay of during daytime riding, and how do the bright lights work in conjunction with the Halos?

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Sheesh, gotta do everything around here....


She didn't post the pics in the thread, just a link to them on photobucket so you're going to have to mix and match.. :p

And it's just another circuit, so I'm sure you could wire it up however you want.... Halos on w/ one headlight on, halos on w/ no lights on, whatever... I'd personally wire in a 3 way switch for my headlights (1) off (2) one headlight for daytime (3) high beams, and then a seperate switch for the Halos so I can turn them on and off completely independent from the headlights and have a total of 5 lighting combos... :p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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