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This weekend Bought a new helmet. Going to return it for one size larger. will post...

we saw 2 owls and we spotted a huge house fire in the hills between Monroe and Sultan last night on our way home. Someone’s home is lost for sure. :(

And today we possibly saved some Mormans lives. 3 of them.

came up to a car off the road at the end of Sultan and for some reason they were off in the ditch. About 45 degree angle. The drop from there could be a 2 story house down. It was a bit hairy.

We got the door open and pulled the driver out then other men came and pulled the other 2 young beefy men out. We held the van of course knowing if it went we were going to need to let go. Then they used my phone and the police came and we went home. They were just coming from church. We were heathens and went to Lowes Hardware, cause you know on the 3rd day Jesus rose and remodeled his house… it is written..

So I would say it was a little bit of an interesting weekend.There was some peep sword fighting or some other mishap after we left or friends sat nite ( friend sent pict of decapitated peep covered in berry ice cream ewe…. )

I made homemade salsa

Now I am putting some new insoles in my skates which I expect are the best insoles in the world because on the package it says….”The most wonderful product I have ever tried.

This was said by Karen S, Morton, IL so I said I will try those.!!!!!

Sanded part of the banistar and restained. Looks like I did it. I am not a finisher. )

(*********** edit:!!! I sliced acoss th top of my left index finger with a box knife.F**K it is about and 1/8 deep but sideways Grrrrredd egads bah!) TR took care of it and now it is bandaged - will know tomorrow if it is gonna heal.

TR completly cleaned the pellet stove and made a perfect london broil. Windy and rainy here so no rides.

so how was your easter???

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Haha nice going guys!

I went for a couple of rides, chilled with my girl friend, watched some movies, did some study, had my parents over for dinner, then went to my sister for lunch today and got a little tipsy... tried Zomba...



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I drove to Greensboro North Carolina to drop off my wife for a bicycle ride then drove home.700 miles.
Then I drove to Atlantic beach to pick her up. another 800 miles round trip. So I drove 1500 miles .and My wife rode her bicycle 250 miles non stop in 24 hours. I think Ihad it easy,HaHa

I did see a lady riding a shiny red 250 ninja on the DC beltway and lots of fools doing wheelies on the Highway.

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Went to work, talked to Felix, went home and slept.

and talked someone out of a mac.


Got 5 text messages from Delta, and the picture of her bike, I sent her a picture of potato skins sitting on my laptop :p
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