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ALL OHIO 250 Owners

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If you are from Ohio, or are very close and want to meet post your location on this thread!

I am from Alliance (Stark County) Its between Canton and Akron.

I would like to see if we could meet up and just ride around a bit. I am a casual rider, and I am not interested in going to a track or anything, just want to meet some other 250 owners close by and ride around.

Feel free to PM me or email me too.

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hey Nate,

I live down in Lexington, Ohio. I am about 3 miles from Mid-Ohio race track. You should come down next weekend. Super bikes are in town at Mid-Ohio, and there are like a bajillon bikes in town. Mid-ohio is sweet, and its like a party all weekend. Plus I know a bunch of good riding around here.

Well LEX might hurt my ARSE by the time I get down there, but it sounds like a good time! Let me know a few more details.

There is also another member on this forum named Chris, he is from Ashville, Ohio. I told him to take a look at this thread.

Honestly...I am not into the whole racetrack thing, but I wouldn't mind meeting some other 250 owners!
I met two new ninjas near my place and I was very surprised.

A blue one and a green one.

His names Jordan, hopefully he joins the site!
I could do Louisville. Doubt Lexington. Anyway. All of you should come to Indy for the MotoGP. Or any other time. Let me know...
Louisville KY???

There IS a Louisville Ohio, thats why I ask.....I live 10 minutes from Louisville.
ummm, to work and back....66 miles
Sorry it took me so long to post to this thread Nate. FYI for all other Ohio Drivers, I won't be available to ride until mid August. I have a lot on my plate right now with kids, my civilian job, and army. I will definitely let you know when I am available. Enjoy the weather because our precious "time to ride" slips away fast. It will be winter before you know it....

Chris, Ashville Ohio ;D
It's cool Chris! Nice to see you on the thread.

Oh, and thanks for serving our country while we ride our bikes taking everything for granted.
this is off topic, but this is for ohio riders. there's another bike site that i've been on recently and liked. it's free to sign up. www.ohio-riders.net
I feel bad for all you guys in Ohio. I moved to Florida from Akron... and I don't miss a darn bit of it.... the sun doesn't shine very often, it rains more often than not.... and the riding season is so freaking short....
Here.... You have two seasons... vented gear season, and non vented gear season.
So my regards for all my guys back home.
hey guys, sorry i didn't update anything about midohio. WOrk has been killing me. Anyways, the fun starts tomorrow. If anyone is coming, let me know and i can pm you my phone number if you want to meet up. I would be down for riding to if anyone wants to. There is some great roads around here.

Also, there is a bike rally
info here: www.mansfieldbikerally.com

It is not too long of a ride to get here. Two weekends ago, I did 180 miles in one day going back roads up to cleveland. I was sore through 40 miles of so, but then it went away. Probably because I was having an awesome time.
Sunday August 17th I am up for taking a road trip. I was thinking about taking some country roads rather than interstate. Granted this will dependent upon the weather, may the sunshine god shine down upon us.

Anyone interested ???

Chris Ashville, Oh
I'm pretty close to Cincy in Lawrenceburg Indiana...I'd be up for it if you havent hooked up already on this.
Kawasaki Kamikaze said:
I'm pretty close to Cincy in Lawrenceburg Indiana...I'd be up for it if you havent hooked up already on this.
Cool give me a call 614-446-0051 and we will hook up. We can plan the details over the phone. It should be a blast...
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