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I am sure many of you would agree that the stock horn on the Ninja is not up to par to get somebody attention in a hurry. I have found that at ~60mph with a helmet on, I can barely hear it over the wind noise. Thus I set out to fix that problem. The solution came in the form of a Wolo Air Horn. I purchased a Kit from Pep-Boys for $20-$30. The kit contained the pump, air hose, relay, 2 trumpets and mounting hardware. Below are some pictures of the install. You can click on the picture to see a higher resolution version.

Naked bike the night before the mod.

A simple "custom" bracket that will hold both trumpets and secure them to the bike. This bracket ate up at least half a dozen dremel cut-off wheels in the process.

Trumpets installed but still no air pump.

Now we have the pump and all the hoses connected.

The final step was to wire everything up. The pump draws a decent amount of current, so I had to use the relay provided with the kit. I ran a separate 12V line from the battery through a in-line fuse to the relay.
All together it took me a day for this mod. A lot of that time was spent driving back and forth to Lowes, Pep-Boys, etc... With the fairing back on, it is impossible to tell that anything has been modified unless you look from the steering column, into the inside of the fairings.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Love it, always used to have air horns on my cars. I'm looking at this little bad boy. That must be loud as hell when you are riding. Do some lane splitting and give it a toot as you pass people with their windows down. :D




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haha thats great!

I have a true airhorn kit in my ram its got twin brass horns with 120db loud... and a 1 gallon tank and compressor....

I scare the crap outta people all the time its so much fun.

on another note, Borisw37 are you sure you want to mount that airpump against your coolant fill hose, im just worried about the pump rubbing some holes into it as it is only a rubber hose... :-\ just a thought...
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