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Acceleration Issue

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Hi everyone,

I bought a 2006 zx6r a couple months ago.

Bike takes long time to start almost 10 seconds continuous ignition. it does not show power in gear unless remain start for atleast 10 minutes. Gear shifting is fine, but does not accelerate more than 90RPM. i have checked plugs and airfilter aswel.

Bought this bike all cash, don't have the extra cash to take to a shop for them to charge me $500. Help!


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Does it take longer to start when it is cold or it is a normal occurrence with the bike?
Thanks for the reply. Yes it takes longer only when cold and start normally right after a ride
I recently had very similar problems on my 95 . I found that the Air/ fuel mixture screws had bad orings.
I work at a shop .it's slow right now.snows here. I'm happy to give some time to helping track down any problems
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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